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Like an adorable puppy growing into his too-big feet, Allday has made good on expectations with his ripping new album Speeding. Utilising varied beats, top notch production, unique flow and laid back voice, the man known as Tom Gaynor to his fam rides an easy wave of self-depreciation directly into our hearts. He says it himself on latest single Raceway: “my life is as stupid as it sounds” - it’ll only get stupider. Currently touring through the US on a wave of adoration, Allday has a knack for engaging his audience, making ‘em laugh and making ‘em cry all in one sitting. Speeding follows on from a multitude of successful EP’s and albums which will ensure there’s something you like in Allday’s musical kaleidoscope.

The Falls Music & Arts Festival is back in Western Australia! With Fremantle’s Kings Square redevelopment in full swing, the second ever rendition of Falls Downtown has a new but even more exciting home in Fremantle! Falls Downtown 2018 will be taking over the Fremantle Oval Precinct and once again will be incorporating and reimagining historic sites, streets, carparks and buildings to delight, entertain and inspire our audiences and artists! Our unique passouts policy will also continue to retain free flowing access to all of Fremantle’s many delights during the weekend of Jan 06 and Jan 07 –  Fremantle Markets, cafes, restaurants, retailers, artisans, tourist sites, the port, Bathers Beach and more.