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Calling your second album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is a bold move. Who says they’ll know? They might not know! What if it’s not actually bullshit? See, these guys are sneaky. Staking their reputation on a seriously fun blend of stoner punk and pop rock, Dune Rats are a couple of Brisbane bad boys with nothing better to do than to infiltrate our stages and festivals with crazy live shows at the same time as invading our brains with hook after syrupy hook. What they don’t want you to know? They’re super smart. You can’t write crunchy bangers like Bullshit or Scott Green without a decent bit of grey matter. Their reward was an ARIA number one album: preposterous as it was deserved. Get loose again with Dune Rats.

The Falls Music & Arts Festival is back in Western Australia! With Fremantle’s Kings Square redevelopment in full swing, the second ever rendition of Falls Downtown has a new but even more exciting home in Fremantle! Falls Downtown 2018 will be taking over the Fremantle Oval Precinct and once again will be incorporating and reimagining historic sites, streets, carparks and buildings to delight, entertain and inspire our audiences and artists! Our unique passouts policy will also continue to retain free flowing access to all of Fremantle’s many delights during the weekend of Jan 06 and Jan 07 –  Fremantle Markets, cafes, restaurants, retailers, artisans, tourist sites, the port, Bathers Beach and more.