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The sound of a 6-pack. A powerful, grinding, fun-filled crescendo of noise and jubilation: DZ Deathrays. Returning this year after completing a final victory lap on the back of their hugely successful second album Black Rat, this powerful machine has roared back into life with their newly released single Shred For The Summer. An ode to… well… shredding and summer, it contains everything we have come to know and love about these Brisbane rockers. Guitars that lie heavier than boulders, vocals with fearless attitude and a sense of good-times that now comes naturally after spending the better part of half a decade raising hell all over the globe. Jack yourself back in and get in the crosshairs of the Deathrays.

The Falls Music & Arts Festival is back in Western Australia! With Fremantle’s Kings Square redevelopment in full swing, the second ever rendition of Falls Downtown has a new but even more exciting home in Fremantle! Falls Downtown 2018 will be taking over the Fremantle Oval Precinct and once again will be incorporating and reimagining historic sites, streets, carparks and buildings to delight, entertain and inspire our audiences and artists! Our unique passouts policy will also continue to retain free flowing access to all of Fremantle’s many delights during the weekend of Jan 06 and Jan 07 –  Fremantle Markets, cafes, restaurants, retailers, artisans, tourist sites, the port, Bathers Beach and more.