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  • Ticketing

  • When do tickets go on sale?
    Friends of Falls pre-sales commence at 9am local time Thursday 24 August. Optus Perks pre-sales commence at 9am local time Friday 25 August. General Sales commence 9am local time Tuesday 29 August.
  • I need to contact someone about ticketing?
    For all questions relating to ticket purchases, delivery, payment etc. please talk to the lovely folks at Front Gate Tickets Customer Service - http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/festivalhelp or call 1300 017 192.
  • Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?
    Yes, you can purchase tickets for up to 6 people.
  • Will there be a re-sale?
    There will be no re-sale facility this year. If you’re unable to attend the show and have purchased tickets, you will be able to pass or sell them to a friend at face value. Flip side, please only purchase tickets from a known and trusted friend.
  • What is the carbon offsetting option?
    This is an option to offset your travel to and from Falls. For only $3.50 you can make a huge difference, all money captured by patrons is invested into sustainability initiatives with Climate Friendly and South Pole Group.
  • How do the wristbands work at the event?
    Once your ticket is scanned at the gates you must hold on to it for additional scanning at the wristbanding stations. Once you’ve setup your campsite head to the wristbanding areas with your ID and ticket, here you will exchange this for a wristband that you must wear for the duration of the festival. There are no replacements for lost wristbands; the only way they can be removed is with scissors. Wristbands will not be replaced and cannot be transferred to friends.
  • Replacing lost or compromised tickets?
    If you’ve lost the email that contains your ticket or if you think that it may have been copied/compromised, please contact Front Gate Tickets Customer Service at http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/festivalhelp or call 1300 017 192.
  • Will I need a Car Pass?
    If you plan on driving to Falls then yes you will need a Car Pass for your vehicle, valid for your date of arrival to access the festival site. If you have 3 or more people in your car on arrival then you will be issued a full refund at the event. This facility has been introduced to help alleviate traffic congestion, space restrictions onsite and to better our carbon footprint. Car Passes on sale later in the year.
  • What happens if I have a different ticket type to my friends?
    You have to arrive together to camp together and you can only enter the festival on the day that your ticket is valid. You must also camp at your allocated location, although you can still visit your friend’s site. No space reservations are allowed so make sure you set a meeting time and place in advance to catchup.
  • Are there passouts?
    You may enter and exit the festival by shuttle bus as you like during gate hours, however you must keep your wristband on at all times to gain entrance back onto the site. Please note that you may only come and go by shuttle bus – all cars parked onsite must stay in place until the end of the festival.
  • I registered for the Friends Of Falls Pre-Sale but I havent received any information about it?
    Shoot an email through to [email protected], they'll be able to assist.
  • I'm an Optus customer, how do I sign up to the Optus Perks Pre-Sale?
    The Optus Perks Pre-Sale kicks off 9am local time Friday 25 August. If you're an Optus customer, head on over to the Optus Perks page for further information on how to redeem your code. www.optusperks.com.au/perks/detail/Falls-Festival-Pre-Sale/10364/
  • I'm trying to access my Optus Perks account to redeem my pre-sale code but it's not letting me log in - what do I do?!
    If you're having trouble accessing Optus Perks, give the Optus Perks Call Centre number a call and select option 2 - details can be found here - https://www.optusperks.com.au/Support
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  • Travel

  • Are there buses to and from the festival?
    We have a bus shuttle operating from Smith Street in Lorne (near the kindergarten) that travels to the festival. You may board the bus with your ticket for a single journey for free, this is about a 15-20 minute drive. Any further travel, you will have to purchase a bus token from the token booth onsite, which will cost $10 for a return trip. Bus times will be released closer to the festival date here.
  • Can I drive to the festival and back each day?
    No, there are no temporary parking spaces, once you’re onsite your car must remain parked in camping until the end of the festival. There are shuttle buses in and out of town that you can utilise.
  • Can my parents/friends drop me off and pick me up?
    Only cars with a valid car pass and valid ticket holders can access the site. Drop offs at the shuttle bus service on Smith St are available.
  • Does my Car Pass have to match the date I’m arriving?
    Yes, any Car Passes valid for the day before or after you’re arriving will not be accepted. Make sure you buy the Car Pass that matches your arrival date, as there are no exchanges or refunds.
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  • General

  • Are you going to release more acts on the line-up?
    We have released the nationally touring artists; more local acts will join the 2017/18 line-up. We’re working on these bookings now which will be tailored specifically to each show.
  • Who can I contact for press enquiries?
    For all national press related queries, please contact: Stacey Piggott at Secret Service PR via [email protected]
  • How can I apply to play at Falls?
    We don’t accept applications to play sorry. We do invite a lot of local acts each and every year; we have our ear to the ground. Positions with the triple j Unearthed slots will open later in the year.
  • Student information requests?
    We don’t respond to student information requests sorry. Please have a good look around our website, we’re sure you will find all of your answers here.
  • When will playing times be released?
    We will release the full set times in December, for now you can view the daily playing schedules on the line-up page.
  • Lost & Found?
    Please visit the Info Booth onsite during the festival to drop off/pick up any lost items. Please contact [email protected] after the event with a detailed description of your lost possession, event attended and full contact details (phone, address, email).
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  • Festival Time

  • What happens if I lose my festival wristband?
    Not possible. The only way they can be removed is with scissors. If you don’t have a wristband, you will be removed from the festival grounds, so keep that arm candy on at all times.
  • What type of camera can I bring?
    We love happy snaps, but it’s a requirement with our artists that professional cameras are not used. Anything that has a detachable lens is not permitted, no professional video filming devices either sorry.
  • Can I bring a couch to Falls?
    We appreciate a comfy chair as much as the next guy, however the amount left behind at the end of the festival adds too much pressure to our waste management system. So no couches, however camping chairs and hammocks are more than welcome.
  • Can I bring a port-a-loo?
    Whilst we enjoy your forward thinking, the answer is NO. We have fabulous loos throughout the Falls site that are all enviro-friendly and Falls fan friendly.
  • Can we bring dry ice?
    No sorry – it can be quite dangerous when used incorrectly.
  • What time can I arrive?
    Lorne: 11am to 9pm on the 28th of December. 9am to 9pm on the 29th, 30th & 31st of December. All patrons must exit by 2pm on Jan 01.
  • Can I camp on the 1st of January?
    We appreciate that you love Falls enough to want to stay, however the answer is no. All patrons must exit the campgrounds by 2pm so that we can commence clean-up.
  • Can we bring the kids along?
    Lorne – Is an 18+ event Make sure you bring your photo ID. Acceptable forms are: current valid Australia driver’s license, current passport, Government issued Proof of Age Card, Victorian Keypass, international driver’s license. Marion Bay is all ages.
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  • Will there be?

  • Will there be wheelchair access?
    Yes there is, however please keep in mind the event is a remote farm so the terrain is sometimes uneven. For more information regarding special access arrangements, please email [email protected] and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. Please let us know which event you are attending and describe the level of care required. Once onsite, please inform gate staff of your requirements and you will be directed to the most suitable camping areas.
  • Will there be ATM’s onsite?
    Yes, we do have cash out facilities but we also suggest that you bring a little ca$h with you. Small transaction fees will apply.
  • Will there be vegetarian, vegan and gf options?
    Of course. There will be a smorgasbord of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available.
  • Will there be security?
    There will be an ample security presence at all shows throughout the festival grounds.
  • Will there be parking?
    If you are camping, you will be parked inside the festival next to your campsite. You won’t be able to drive your car out of the festival until January 1st when the festival is over. In Lorne there is no temporary parking onsite or anywhere near the festival. If you’re staying offsite catch the shuttle bus in.
  • Will there be a medical centre?
    Yes, in the Main Arena we have a large and we equipped Medical Centre with trained professionals and emergency services. Head there if you need any help.
  • Will there be phone charging facilities?
    Worried about a dead phone battery at Falls? there will be phone charging on site to keep your phone charged up! Locations will be marked on site maps, coming soon.
  • Will there be disabled bathrooms?
    Yes there will be, disabled bathroom facilities are accessible via the Medical Centre in the Main Arena.
  • Will there be lockers onsite this year?
    Pre-book your unlimited charging now at http://www.chargespot.com.au/#prebookings Limited spots available so get in quick.
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  • At the Festival

  • What form of ID will I need at the festival?
    You will need one of the following IDs on arrival and on your person throughout the entire event: Current valid Australian driver’s license (with photo) Current Passport Government Issued Proof of Age Card Victorian Keypass International Driver’s License (must contain a photograph)
  • Are credit and EFTPOS accepted onsite?
    Credit cards and EFTPOS will be accepted at all Bars and some market stalls. All other vendors only accept cash (ATMs available onsite).
  • I have prescriptive insulin/medicines that need to be stored/refrigerated?
    You can drop these off with the staff at the Medical Centre in the Main Arena for safe storage.
  • What other items are banned from Falls?
    Alcohol · Port-a-loos · Couches · Fireworks, flares, sparklers & fire twirling paraphernalia · Generators · Butane gas cylinders · Gas bottles (External to purpose built RVs & caravans) · Flammable liquids · Gas lanterns ·Petrol and diesel or any containers of fuel · Cooking facilities with a naked flame · Campfires · Glass of any kind · Illegal drugs · Pets and animals · Sound systems · Bean bags · Weapons · Lasers · Opened bottles of water, juice or soft drink · Umbrellas (use raincoat, poncho instead) · Professional cameras · Flyers, signage or sampling products that have not been approved by Falls · Indian Headdress · Skateboards · Bicycles · Scooters · Boogie Boards · Selfie sticks · Drones
  • What items are banned from the Main Arena?
    Glass, cans, illegal drugs, skateboards, boogie boards, milk/bread crates, chairs (folding, portable, camping), anything studded (i.e. belts, wristbands etc), weapons of any kind, fireworks, fire twirling devices, warning flares, video and tape recording devices (including GoPro's), professional still cameras (small still cameras ARE allowed), laser lights, umbrellas (use a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead), water pistols, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, animals, drones, selfie sticks.
  • What does a total fire ban mean?
    Falls has a total fire ban imposed which means that we don’t allow any fire, fireworks, cookers, flares, sparklers, gas bottles, bbqs or the like. Anyone found with any of these items will be immediately ejected from the festival and issued with fines.
  • Can I camp on the 1st of January?
    We appreciate that you love Falls enough to want to stay, however the answer is no. All patrons must exit the campgrounds by 2pm so that we can commence cleanup.
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  • Camping

  • How can I make sure I’m camping with my friends?
    You must have the same ticket type and arrive together, either in the same car or in a convoy. You cannot reserve spaces for friends arriving later.
  • How much space will we receive to camp onsite?
    It’s big enough for your tent and some outdoor space, but you will be close to your neighbours. Overly elaborate campsites are discouraged, so you will be asked to downsize if you arrive with enough gear to re-create your lounge room.
  • Are the campsites powered?
    No, campsites are not powered. Switch off and relax.
  • Can I arrive and camp earlier than the date on my ticket?
    No, you may only enter within gate hours of the date that is indicated on your ticket. 4 day ticket holders can arrive any day of the festival from Dec 28, 3 day ticket holders can arrive any day of the festival from Dec 29 and 2 day ticket holders can arrive any day of the festival from Dec 30. All patrons must exit before 2pm on Jan 01.
  • Can I bring a Winnebago, bus, campervan or camper trailer?
    Sure can. Just keep in mind that gas bottles are strictly prohibited as they can be a fire hazard on site, they cannot be used onsite. If the gas bottle is removable you can choose to leave it at home or, for a gold coin donation you can leave it with the site fire brigade to store until after the event. Fines will be issued to those found with gas bottles in the campgrounds.
  • Do we get to pick our camping spot?
    No, you will be allocated a camping space on arrival. To camp with friends you must arrive in a convoy, you cannot reserve spaces for people arriving later.
  • Is there security in the campgrounds?
    Yes there is, we have both police and security strolling the campgrounds. We also have Information Stations in each campground that are staffed 24/7. If you have any questions or need any assistance we’re here to help.
  • Are there toilets and showers in the campgrounds?
    Yes, we have plenty of toilets and showers in the campgrounds that are serviced throughout the festival.
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