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A band steeped in innovation and quicksilver melodies, Perth’s Methyl Ethel have been the act in everyone’s ear of late. Led by Jake Webb, who many describe as the natural heir to Kevin Parker’s throne of genius, these supernatural sandgropers have mastered their own brand of musical mysticism. You’ll know their singles by now: the persistent and hypnotic Ubu with it’s unforgettable lyrical hook of “why’d you have to go and cut your hair”, the smooth saxophone featuring Twilight Driving or the latest salvo Drink Wine. Signed to prestigious label 4AD worldwide (label mates Bon Iver, Grime, The National), Methyl Ethel are at the forefront of a worldwide charge in experimental Australian pop music.

Happy Birthday to us! We’re getting set to celebrate our brightest ever summer silver jubilee, across the 100% all-natural amphitheaters and center stages of our spiritual homes in Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay and Fremantle! Our quarter-century line-up has landed amongst the party palms, port cities and champagne shores of Australia’s heartland, as we release another collection of almighty salutations across the New Year period and first week of January.

Beneath the Falls silver-sunset you’ll find: world class music · creative installations · visual arts performances · pop-up bars and beer gardens · thoughtful camping facilities · comedy clubs · daily beach access · glorious gourmet fare · makers’ markets · local traders · beauty parlours · holistic yoga and well-being, plus loads more to be announced!